Eye protecting sunglasses donation inbound for Bangladesh

Date posted: 21 November 2019

A special thank you to Red Eyewear that has made a significant contribution to the re-FISH cause by donating a shipment of new polarised metal sunglasses.

Wearing quality sunglasses protects your eyes from harmful damage, especially important for Fisherman at sea. Studies are showing that increasingly very young fisherman not only in Bangladesh Fishing communities but around the world are developing eyesight problems and as a result have early signs of pterygium, a benign growth in the eye that obstructs vision due to the lack of adequate eye protection.

Red Eyewear’s significant donation today is a step in the right direction to help get polarised lenses covering the eyes of those who need them most so they can help reduce glare from the sun before it becomes too late.

Red Eyewear design and manufacture sunglasses and optical collections for some of the best-known and most-trusted retailers in the UK and Europe. You can read more about them here: www.redeyewearltd.com

Thank you for your forwarding thinking approach Red Eyewear, we greatly appreciate it.

We hope that others will follow their lead.

To make a donation or learn more, please email: donations@re-fish.org