Improving & Empowering Bangladesh Fishing Communities. is committed to distributing working safety, vessel and fishing equipment to the communities of Bangladesh.

We Re-cycle, Re-purpose and Re-use Safety, Vessel and Fishing Equipment and give it to those that need it most.

Improving Safety Outcomes

We take used working safety equipment gear and distribute it to people living in Bangladesh fishing villages who don't have the means to obtain the equipment by themselves. Your Safety equipment can have an immeasurable impact on saving lives.

Empowering Communities

We provide an education programme focused on how to maximize and maintain their new equipment. Where needed we also create the opportunity to refurbish donated gear, providing ownership and empowering locals with new skills.

Environmental Social Responsibility

Knowing what to do with your unused safety equipment is hard. Instead of throwing it away, look after the environment responsibly and opt instead for us to “forward think” for you. Your equipment is distributed by us and managed by our Bangladesh Fishing Community partners on the ground.

Helping Eliminate Poverty

Almost 1 in 4 Bangladeshis live in poverty and most commercial fishermen eke out the barest subsistence working under primitive and dangerous conditions. By recycling good quality safety equipment, teaching skills and sharing lessons we can empower fishing families and help them fight poverty. 

Why Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is considered one of the most suitable regions for fisheries in the world, rich in marine life and fresh water resources. Millions depend on the fisheries sector for their livelihoods and yet fishermen are one of the most vulnerable communities in Bangladesh. They are poor by any standard and over the years their economic standards have further deteriorated.

165 Million population with almost 1 in 4 Bangladeshis (24%) living in poverty.
17 million people depend on the fisheries sector for their livelihoods.


For hundreds of years their traditional boats have been strong enough to fish in the Bay of Bengal. However, today, this is no longer true. Fishermen are increasingly faced with stronger storms and rougher seas. Every time they set out to the sea to fish and feed their families - they gamble with their own lives.

The Global Initiative

Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LR Foundation) hosted an exploratory meeting in 2018 to investigate and discuss ways to reduce the unacceptably high injury and fatality rates in the commercial fishing industry. Whilst safety in the fishing industry is an international problem, it was the opinion of the expert group that attention should be initially focused on fishing communities in the under-developed regions of the world.

The FISH Safety Foundation received funding from LR Foundation in 2019 to promote safety in the fishing industry in Bangladesh. is part of this wider program.

The FISH Safety Foundation is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to improving safety outcomes in the commercial fishing industry. We are committed to providing relevant practical education, access to resources and promoting a positive safety culture in the world’s most hazardous industry.

Make an everlasting impact.

We need your support. Any donation will have an immeasurable impact on the well being of fishermen and their families. We are open to all donations, big or small, just get in touch!
Life Jackets

We all know that life jackets help save lives, if you have recently upgraded yours then let us recycle your old ones. As long as they are in good condition we can re use them.

  • Offshore Life Jackets
  • Near Shore Life Jackets
  • Flotation Aids
  • Throwable Devices
  • Special Use Devices
First Aid Supplies

Even the most basic first aid kits can help save lives. Packaged and sterile is best and so if you or your organisation have any of the following that you could contribute then that would be useful.

  • Bandages
  • Sterile Dressings
  • Antiseptic Wipes/Antiseptic Cream
  • Scissors/Safety Pins/Tweezers
  • Emergency Thermal Blankets
  • Disposable Sterile Gloves
Communication Devices

Communications equipment is an essential part of staying safe on the water and keeping in touch with those on land is critical when things go wrong.

  • Working VHF Radios
  • Distress Beacons
  • Flares
Fishing Nets & Gear

Good condition nets are appreciated or even those that could be mended and re purposed. Also other boating equipment that is still in working order.

  • Nets
  • Motors
  • Lights
  • Storage of Fish/Goods/Supplies
... and more.

Any donation that you give will have an immeasurable impact on the well being of fishermen and their families. We are open to all donations, big or small, just get in touch!